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When a loved one dies, it is often hard to deal with creating a fitting ceremony that is truly personal to them which can honour their memory appropriately. It is sometimes a point of concern especially when the deceased had little, none or different faith than those who are involved in the preparations. We help by working with you to craft a bespoke funeral or memorial ceremony either in preparation for death or following the passing of a friend or family member.

This can include as much or as little religious content as you feel appropriate, and even a mix of content from different religions, faiths, races or backgrounds, to ensure it is perfectly tailored.

We can deliver funeral ceremonies at a location of your choosing as well as also working in close coordination with you, your family and your funeral director. We cover cemeteries and crematoria ceremonies as well as woodland, sea and green burials. 

We also perform memorials, even where no body is present as well as scattering of ashes ceremonies following a funeral to mark the occasion appropriately, respectfully and memorably.

  • Can include religious content including hymns, poems, prayers etc.
  • Entirely non-religious ceremony, but highly personal to the deceased
  • Can include content from a mix of faiths or backgrounds
  • Individually tailored and written from your experiences and stories


As a professional funeral celebrant in sevenoaks we are skilled at the delicate process of preparing a service in advance for those who want to have things their own way after they have gone. 

We work privately and sensitively to ensure all needs are fulfilled.


You can either contact us direct on 07712 407162 or ask your funeral director to engage us. Just ask them to contact us at Memoriant and well do the rest.

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